walmart canada seller registration

walmart canada seller

One of the fastest-growing eCommerce platforms in the United States is Walmart Marketplace, thanks to our sellers and their millions of incredible products. Regardless of the size of your company, our cutting-edge solutions streamline the selling process and support large-scale growth. Together, let’s develop! walmart canada seller

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Steps to Sell at Walmart Canada

55% of the traffic comes from search results, accounting for almost 85% of all traffic. Selling on Walmart Canada Marketplace is a fairly simple way to attract clients. Therefore, there aren’t many reasons not to think about selling on Walmart Canada. The steps to sell on are as follows: is one of the most well-known online marketplaces in Canada, with revenues projected to reach over $400 million in 2020. Selling on the Walmart Canada Marketplace is a fantastic method to grow your company. With an average of 35.74 million visitors over the past six months—a 7.88% increase over the same period previous year—the likelihood of making a sizable profit from your Walmart Canada Marketplace sales is fairly high. Furthermore, a visitor’s typical session lasts longer than four minutes.

  1.  Apply for Approval
  2.  Go through the Contract
  3.  Complete the Registration
  4.  Complete your Partner Profile
  5.  Item Setup and Selecting an Integration Method
  6.  Go Live!

Those who wish to sell their goods on Walmart Canada have a very profitable chance. Now let’s get started and cover all the information you require to sell on Walmart Canada.

Sell on Walmart Canada Now!

1. Apply for Approval

Similar to Walmart USA, the Walmart Canada Marketplace is an invite-only platform. So, in order to sell here, you need approval. You shouldn’t have any problems becoming authorized to sell at Walmart Canada as long as you fulfill’s compliance and performance standards.

This form has five stages: Product Assortment, Business Information, Primary Contact, and Business Information. Operational Experience in eCommerce and Marketplaces. Every detail provided here has been verified as authentic. only grants approval in the event that the verification is successful.

You’ll receive an email notification and a link to initiate the application once it has been authorized.

From this point on, every action is a step in the application process unfolding.

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2. Go through the Contract

A formal contract appears for your perusal. You should carefully read through every part of it, and if you have any trouble comprehending any parts, you should speak with a legal expert.

Seek advice immediately if any of the Contract’s provisions conflict with the policies of your company. Avoid participating in the contract since you will eventually be suspended if you don’t follow the terms. Additionally, you won’t be able to sell successfully at Walmart Canada.

3. Complete the Registration

You can access the Seller Center after receiving approval. Once you log in, a Launch Checklist containing specific itinerary steps leading to the sale on Walmart Canada Stage will be sent to you.

Completing the Registration is the first task on the Launch Checklist. Account creation, company registration, and the provision of shipping-related data are all part of registration.

Based on your marketplace application, the username or email will be automatically filled in. Since you will be using this password to get into the Seller Center for any further actions, you should keep it secure.

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4. Complete your Partner Profile

The next itinerary is the Partner Profile Setup.

For the Partner Profile, you need to provide the following details:

Provide details about the company, such as the name you will use, the logo, and the description of the company. Under the corresponding columns, the company name and description must be written in both English and French.

Information about customer service, such as the customer service phone number, email address for escalation, policy, and email address for customer service (also available in French).

Information about shipping, such as shipping rates, the shipping policy (also available in French), additional days off, and the standard processing schedule.

Your return policy should state how returns will be handled. Give it a maximum of 4,000 characters to describe in both French and English.

Your privacy statement should state how carefully you handle client data.

Provide a maximum of 4,000 characters in both French and English to describe it.

Details about sales tax, such as shipping tax codes, Nexus, and sales tax policy. It is also required that the Sales Tax Policy be written in both French and English.

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5. Item Setup and Selecting an Integration Method

Choose an Integration technique prior to Item Setup. Based on your convenience, you may select either the bulk upload technique or the API integration approach. You can set up your items on Walmart once you’ve decided on an integration technique.

Setting up Items involve four Steps as follows:

Choose the Category and Sub-Category for your Walmart products as the first step.

Always have the image URLs on hand.

3: Send the item feed details in Excel files if you selected the bulk upload option, or in XML format if you selected the API Integration option.

4: Upload the files for the item setup feed.

5: You may now view a preview of the catalog that Walmart will see.roughly. Make sure everything is correct because that’s what customers will see when they visit

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6. Go Live!

As per Walmart Guidelines, you must confirm that the following requirements are satisfied before going live:

At least 10% of your inventory should be priced, ready for sale, and in saleable condition.
Less than 15% of the last 500 items had an item setup error rate.
95% of items should have the proper classification.
Click “Go Live” once you have finished all the tasks on the launch checklist.

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