Mind Puzzle WIth The Full Solution

Mind Puzzle With The Full Solution

Play mind puzzle game, train your brain, and enjoy lots of puzzles to pass over. Install to start now!

Best puzzle game for learner and advanced players. When you want to have fun and get cool or keep the mind actively engaged to pass the time in a nice way. Get a small enthusiasm take a break, clear your head! Enjoy your favorite puzzle game whenever you are relaxing and at break time. It is also accessible offline playing the sport on mobile is nearly as good like a true pencil and paper. 

Mind Puzzle game has 20000 multiple type of puzzles and comes in six hardness levels easy, medium, hard, presto, expert and giant one! Play easy Puzzle game to exercise your brain, logic, and memory, or try medium and hard Puzzle game to offer your mind a true drill. 

The Mind Puzzle game have some good features like hints, auto- check, and highlight duplicates which help you at the time of playing. Moreover in application in every puzzle there is one and only answer. There are difficulty levels in the game at up you have to think out of the box.


  • Complete Daily Sudoku Challenges to get trophies
  • Participate in Events and win medals
  •  Auto-Check foe mistakes
  • Activate Notes as on paper. Each time you type these notes are immediately updated!
  • Avoid replicating numbers in row, column
  • Hints help you when you are stuck at somethi

More features:

– Statistics:Track your progress on levels see your best time and other achievements

– Unlimited Undos. Just put it back quickly!

– Color themes. Choose different themes and styles to Play with more comfort.

– Auto-save feature.

– Eraser. Get rid of the mistakes

Answer : 1

First row;17 x 17 = 289

Second row;18 x 18 = 324

Third row:19 x 19 = 361


• More than 10000 sudoku

• 9×9 grid

• There’s 6 ideally balanced levels of hard point. Mind Puzzle game is free app is competent for both Mind freshmen and improved adverse Mind players! You can Play fast, easy and medium levels to wield your brain. elect hard level to enhance your chops and accord out expert or giant game for baleful challenges. 

• Supports tablets and mobiles

• Portrait and landscape mode for tablets

• Simple and intuitive design

Day-to-day Mind Puzzle game is that the casual thanks to start your day! 1 or 2 imitable Mind puzzles will help you to awaken, frame your brain Power full composition, and help you to be ready for a productive quotidian working day. Download the puzzle game right ow and have fun.

If you are a superb Mind puzzle solver greeting to our Mind power domain! Then you will expend your free time commemorating your mind sharpened. constant game practice will help you come a true Mind puzzle master who swiftly deals truly with the foremost delicate web puzzles during a little time. 

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