Languages 40 in Drops Application

In five minutes a day, learn 40 different languages, including Spanish!

Drops takes the “boring” out of learning a language by using beautiful, minimalist illustrations and quick-paced microgames to ingrain useful vocabulary into your memory.

The enjoyable portion? Each day, it only takes five minutes. Actually, that’s the only time you get! Crazy? Indeed. Functions? Of course!

“One of the most inventive language learning apps I’ve tried so far is Drops, thanks to its overall design and gamification features.” — CNET

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Learn the key terms in 37 different languages!

The fundamentals of Drops:Drops is entirely visual; instead of relying on your mother tongue, we use images to convey meaning! Remove the middleman. Better, faster, and more enjoyable way to learn 36 languages!

Five-minute sessions are allotted: while this may seem counterintuitive, Drops’ high level of addiction makes it a good tool for language learning. There is no entrance barrier. You have five minutes, always and without fail!

Practice without effort: We looked closely at what makes games so enjoyable and captivating and incorporated that essence into Drops to create an incredibly immersive app. However, in this instance, playing games isn’t a waste of time; instead, it helps you acquire a valuable skill—learning a new language.

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Quick pace: We value speed, and using the phone’s keyboard to type is nothing short of swift. Greetings to quick taps and swipes! Those extra seconds will be necessary for you to maximize your five minutes.

Focus on vocabulary: only carefully chosen words with great practical value; no grammar. Drops is a monolithic product that excels at what it does. Drops also offers beginning “alphabet” classes.

Create a learning habit: Drops aims to turn you into a compulsive language learner. Your learning tool is useless if you don’t use it every day, regardless of how good it is. Drops will improve you by tricking your mind!

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Languages in Drops

We are pleased to offer Drops in a large number of languages, and we add new ones almost every month. In addition to the typical suspects, there are a ton of exotic options!

We take great pride in the lovely word pronunciations that actors and voice actresses have captured!

Planning to visit Estonia soon? Pick our vocabulary, that is designed especially for tourists.

Drops provides a full package at no cost for sporadic learners: Every day, 5 minutes of incredibly quick and enjoyable learning covering over 2400 words across more than 99 topics. More committed language learners can sign up for premium features, which offer infinite study time in addition to significantly faster progress.

At Drops, our goal is to provide the gift of language knowledge to people all over the world by using a unique tool that makes use of the universal language that we all speak: images.

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Do you want to pick up a new language? What about Serbian? The Serbian language is included in our most recent updates. Prepare to learn Serbian by playing along with the engaging visuals and authentic audio provided by native speakers.

Happy learning!

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