A treasure trove of diseases and remedies against them.

We know that thousands of years ago, our ancestors and great men saints wrote texts in which they discussed the use of medicines to treat various illnesses. Our yoga men have authored four books altogether. These texts talk about the Rigveda’s treatment of our flora.

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remedies against

We can see that people’s eating and drinking habits have changed in the modern era. People’s obsession with eating spicy and fried food has become widespread. When they get sick after consuming food from outside, people head straight to the hospital. We have to deal with issues like indigestion and constipation in it.

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In addition, our scriptures contain a wealth of remedies that we can use at home to treat ourselves without the need for medication. There are numerous herbs all around us that can help us heal from a variety of illnesses. You ought to be aware of how to use it properly.

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Consuming onion juice combined with honey can help relieve a cough. Phlegm is reduced when onion decoction is consumed. Any cough can be cured if lemon juice is combined with four times as much honey as that.

ઉધરસ ખાંશી માટે આયુર્વેદ ઉપચાર 

અજીર્ણ ભૂખ નાં લાગવી

અનિંદ્રા માટે આયુર્વેદ ઉપચાર

એલર્જી થી થતી શરદી માટે ઉપચાર

એસીડિટી દૂર કરવાના 15 ઉપચાર

કબજિયાત દૂર કરવાના ઉપાય 

ખરજવું, ખસ, ખુજલી, દાદર

Our Yajurveda contains discussions on how to treat every illness. With natural remedies, we can treat any illness. These days, people take medication right away if they become even slightly ill, but this is detrimental in the long run.

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Today’s population is more likely to suffer from acidity diseases. Even a small amount of oily food can cause acidity, but there are numerous natural cures for that as well.

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