If flies have increased in the house, adopt this home remedy

If flies have increased in the house, adopt this home remedy

Currently, when the summer season has started, the terror of flies in the house increases a lot in summer. Usually flies are seen in our house but when the summer season starts, the flies in the house increase a lot. Diseases can also spread to us due to flies.

Currently, diseases are increasing in cities, the reason of which is also these flies. Flies usually land on a sick person and can make them sick even if they land on a healthy person. For that it is very important for us to control the flies.

You can use natural sprays to control flies found in the house. This proves to be a very effective spray. For that, dissolve two teaspoons of salt in a cup of water and squeeze some lemon in it. Then sprinkle this mixture on the windows and doors to stop the flies.


Mint is a home remedy to repel flies. If you keep a mint plant in the house, then the fly will not fly in the house.


Vinegar is also very useful to repel flies. For that, fill a bag with vinegar and tie a few drops of water in it. Flies will not fly in the house due to the smell of vinegar.


Cinnamon can also repel flies from the house. Flies cannot tolerate the smell of cinnamon, put small pieces of cinnamon on the place where flies are frequent, it will drive the flies away from the house.

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This was an easy way to get rid of flies from home You can get rid of flies from home with this home remedy. You can also use many medicines available in the market to repel flies.

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