Excellent power food for vegetarians

Excellent power food for vegetarians

Proteins are very essential for our body. The protein was discovered in 1950 by Linus Pauling [Linus Pauling]. He became the founder of Molecular Biology by discovering Spiral Structure of Proteins. A normal adult person normally requires 46 grams – 56 grams of protein daily according to his age and weight. Along with taking a suitable diet, if you include extra protein in your diet, then it is also beneficial, whether it is in the form of protein shake or in any other form. Since it takes more energy to digest protein and due to this, more calories are used, weight is also reduced Excellent power food for vegetarians

Suitable quantity of protein -:
You should determine the amount of protein according to your body weight. For one pound weight, 0.5 – 1.0 grams of protein is suitable. For example, if a woman weighs 140 pounds, then she should include 70 – 140 grams of protein-rich food in her diet Excellent power food for vegetarians

Energy [ Energy ] -:
Proteins are an important means of obtaining energy. If more than the required amount of protein is taken for the maintenance and use of other functions of the body, then the body uses it to get energy. And if you consume even more protein than this, then it forms fat cells Excellent power food for vegetarians. 

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Formation of Antibodies:
Proteins form antibodies, which protect against diseases and infections. Some proteins recognize viruses and bacteria etc. and by eliminating them, protect the body from diseases. They often work in conjunction with other immune cells of the body. Also, they keep viruses and bacteria around until the white blood cells destroy them Excellent power food for vegetarians. 

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