Blood and lungs are filled with pieces of plastic. These everyday items, leave today.

Blood and lungs are filled with pieces of plastic. These everyday items, leave today.

Due to certain items consumed on a daily basis, pieces of plastic accumulate in our body, which is very harmful to health.  Find out what these things are

  •  Microplastics pollute the environment
  •  Microplastics are also harmful to health
  •  May damage the lungs
  •  Microplastics harmful to health

 Microplastics also pose a significant risk of environmental contamination and the extinction of certain species.  But evidence has been found that tiny particles or pieces of plastic can be harmful to a person’s health.  Some recent studies have confirmed that plastic particles are making their way into a person’s blood and airways.

There are currently several studies underway on how dangerous small plastic particles can be to human health, but experts believe that these tiny particles can damage the lungs.  Thus the condition of people with lung disease can be serious.

It is believed that these particles can stay in the lungs for a long time, causing inflammation in the lungs.  Depending on how large the particle is, larger particles can be more harmful.  Experts have stated in a study that blood and microplastics are filled with what is used daily.

 12 types of plastic pieces found in the lungs

 A recent study published in Science of the Total Environment discovered microplastics present in all parts of the lungs, including the lower lungs.  Researchers have identified 12 types of plastics, including polypropylene, as well as tarphate and resin.

Which of the following contains plastic particles?

 This plastic is commonly found in the manufacture of packaging, bottles, clothing, rope and twine.  The most dangerous sources of microplastics include city dust, clothing and even tires.

 Foods also contain plastic

 According to experts, many foods and beverages also contain microplastics.  This includes bottled water, salt, seafood, teabags, canned meals and canned meals.


  Damage caused by plastic particles

 It is believed that plastic particles can damage the lungs for a long time, leading to cancer, asthma attacks and other health problems.

સંપૂર્ણ માહિતી વાંચો ગુજરાતીમા

 Risk of lung damage

 One study found that microplastic particles emitted from polyester and nylon fibers caused coughing, shortness of breath, and decreased lung function in textile workers.

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