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These News are taken from several widely read newspapers in Gujarat, including Nav Gujarat Samay, Akila, Sandesh, and Divya Bhaskar. With the help of these examples, you are now aware of Gujarati current news and genuinely useful educational news. All Gujarat’s

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This news is genuinely helpful for Gujarat’s ongoing news as well as its fresh daily news. We can quickly post jpeg images for our readers. Daily updates on education, sport, current events in India, technology, and cricket news will be posted in this page.

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Teachers are extraordinary sources of knowledge, success, and edification from which anyone can continuously profit for their entire lives.

As they help students to define their trajectories in life, they serve as the true light in everyone’s life.

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They are the God-professed individuals that guide us towards an onrush without being selfish throughout every person’s existence. Even so, we will refer to them as the people who exercised our nation’s astounding eventual riches.

1.Divya Bhaskare-Paper

2.Divya Bhaskar


4.Sandesh e-Paper

5.Bombay Samachar



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The role of the instructor in the field of coaching is incredibly important since they are the ones who demonstrate to students how to be a source of excellence and character. They generate students that are academically excellent and continually motivated to advance in life.

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They have access.they with a wealth of knowledge, skills, and encouraging behaviours, ensuring that they never feel out of place or do.

Through clear vision and reasoning, they assist learners in becoming more secure with their points of authority. One cannot advance intellectually, socially, or mentally without instructors within the reality.

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8.Jamnagar Jai Hind

9.Gujarat Mitra


11.Economic Times

12.Nav Gujarat Samay


14.Aaj Kaal

15.Gujarat Today

16.Sardar Gurjari

17.Kutch Mitra

18.Aankho Dekhi

20.Sanj Samachar



23.Gujarat Darpan

24.Kutch Uday


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VTV Gujarati has made progress in identifying the dearth of public sentiment and information in the media population.

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By embracing honest journalism, we have approached and will continue to work to try to save the fourth estate of the is progressing as a platform for people to spread optimistic thinking and an authentic identity towards the nation via digital means.

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We are prepared to provide the entire flavour of news, culture, permissible, and entertainment with Gujarati sameness, crossing deeper for those who bear to obtain information through Gujarati language.

Our mandate is to provide the most accurate and timely news. Our goal is to obtain accurate data and news in plain language without straying too far from the fundamentals of journalism.

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