My Name Ringtone Maker


My Name Ringtone Maker is the greatest programme for creating name ringtones that double as your prefered caller tune. not just your name alone. Any name can be used to generate a ringtone. You can set the name’s notoriety as your incoming phone ringtone.

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Simply type your name into the app’s search bar to start using My Name Ringtone Maker, then select from a choice of musical genres and sound effects. To create the ideal sound, you can also modify the pace and pitch of your ringtone. When you’re satisfied with your design, you can set it as your ringtone and save it as an MP3 file.

The My Name Ringtone Maker is a fantastic tool for customising your phone and setting it apart from the competition. Additionally, it is a simple and enjoyable way to make special ringtones for your loved ones.

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My Name Ringtone Maker

There is no need to go through websites to make the best ringtones. This app allows you to make lovely ringtones for your phone.

You may make a name ringtone in 4 easy steps by using our name ringtone maker programme.

1) On the Enter Name Screen, type your prefered name.

2) Next, choose or type the text you wish to appear after your name.

3) In the screen where you create ringtones, you may now play the ringtone.

4) You may now set the default ringtone and store the ringtone.

Checking out all of your ringtones that you made with the software by using the “My Ringtones” feature.

My Name Ringtone MakerDownload Here

App Source From : Google Play Store

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