મહત્વપૂર્ણ લિંક

DA વધારા બાબતના સમાચાર વાંચવા માટે અહીં ક્લિક કરો 

મહત્વપૂર્ણ લિંક

ગઇકાલના તથા જૂના સમાચાર વાંચવા માટે અહીં ક્લિક કરો

The message is overwhelming, you need to take some time to read it once and forward it as much as possible.

‘Swag Jevu Mandir’ …….

Parashar is a man addicted to mobile games.  He had a crazy hobby of downloading new games and crossing all his levels.  Whether it is home or office, the fingers of one hand are playing a game on the display of the mobile …!

Parashar’s mind was tempted by the game ‘Swagnu Mandir’ which has just come in the market and downloaded it in his mobile.

As soon as the game ‘Swagnu Mandir’ was downloaded in the mobile, all the information of Parashar was sought and both Parashar’s life and his mobile automatically came under the control of ‘Swagnu Mandir’ game.

This game was no ordinary game, its rules were strict.  No player was allowed to exit the game midway.

The two rules of the ‘Temple of Swag’ game were very important.

1.  Every day at 9 o’clock in the morning I get a game of the day which only appears on the display for ten minutes.

.  To complete the claim by 11 pm and upload the photo or video as per his instructions.

Parashar selected a five level game out of them and an exciting journey of his life started.

Parashar Mobile’s addict is also lazy and irresponsible …!

He never cared about the house or the family.

Office ten o’clock means get up at eight o’clock …!

And getting up just in time for dinner on Sunday .. His habit of playing games till late at night.  But the ‘Temple of Swag’ set a special alarm for the game and got up early in the morning even though it was Sunday.

The first gamble for Parashar was to do all the work that your wife does for a day today, and to make dinner in the morning and evening, freeze the wife and upload her photos and upload a video of your wife saying ‘I love you’ fifty times.

After ten minutes, the game was over.

Parashar found the first innings complicated.  Because this game was not a game on display, it was a game of life.

Parashar and his wife had a life similar to that of Abola due to overwork over the last few years.  Due to Parashar’s mobile addiction and habit of sitting at night with friends, Nisha used to fight many times but Parashar never noticed her.

Parashar started housework on Sunday morning for the first time in his life to complete the first game of ‘Swagnu Mandir’.

Household trash – themselves, utensils, etc. – were done before getting drunk and everyone took selfies.  Parashar found out for the first time that there is so much garbage in the house every day.

Before Nisha woke up, the house was well decorated and ready.  Nisha could not believe that Parashar could do this.  Then he made lunch, dinner, and made love to his wife.  And in the evening, he also uploaded a video saying ‘I love you’ fifty times ahead of time.

By nightfall Parashar was tired.  Nisha pressed Parashar’s feet that night.  And in one day, their marriage changed.

‘How good are you, Parashar ..!’ Nisha felt as if she had met Parashar again years ago today and that night they both talked for a long time.

“Indeed, Nisha, I used to believe that housework is very simple, but today I realized that housework is more diligent and precise than office work,” I love you, Nisha. ”  There was no stake in this game.

‘How many years after you said‘ I love you ’to me today …!’ Nisha’s eyes sparkled.

‘Forgive me …!  I didn’t understand you but if you work as a woman today, you will realize that the responsibility as a wife is also very big …!

Parashar pressed both his hands into his palms to close the gaps in his years of marriage.

On the very first day, ‘Swagna Mahal’ changed Parashar’s life.

The next day, at four o’clock in the morning, Parashar got another call, “Parashar, you have put your son in the hostel, go to the hostel today, sit with him for an hour and upload his photos.” This task was not difficult for Parashar.  After finishing his office work in the evening, he went to his hostel.

“Son Nirav, your daddy has come to see you.”

And looking down, son Nirav came to his father.  It was Soonmoon.  Both sat in the office.

Parashar asked, “Why is your son silent?” “Nothing …!”  “Fave here?”

Also, the son was silent.  After Parashar took photos with his son Nirav on his mobile, Parashar said again, “Son, this is the most expensive school in the city and it is better to eat and study here than at home, and your result will improve here.”

Deekaranirve replied softly, “Dad you know, history has taught that if someone makes a mistake he will be punished with black water, but if the boy has a bad result then he will be punished for staying in a hostel. It will be written in the future.”  Dad, I don’t want an expensive school, I want my mommy and daddy, I don’t want a delicious dessert, I want a mouthful of mommy’s hand

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