The IndianOil ONE is the only app you need for all your Fuel related needs. It’s intuitive and easy-to-use interface empowers you to access your IndianOil LPG account , your IndianOil XTRAREWARDS Loyalty card as well as Petrol pump information all from a single place. If you are an IndianOil customers , this is a must have app !

કન્ઝ્યુમર પ્રોટેક્શન એક્ટ 1986 મુજબ, દરેક પેટ્રોલ પંપ પાસે ફિલ્ટર પેપર હોવા જોઈએ અને જ્યારે જરૂર પડે ત્યારે તે ગ્રાહકોને આપવા જોઈએ. પેટ્રોલમાં ભેળસેળ છે કે નહીં તે જાણવા માટે ફિલ્ટર પેપર પર પેટ્રોલના થોડા ટીપાં નાખો, જો તેનાથી ડાઘ પડી જાય તો પેટ્રોલ ભેળસેળવાળું છે અને જો નહીં તો પેટ્રોલ શુદ્ધ છે.

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Key Features:

 Book your LPG Cylinder

 Track your Booking History

 Find your Nearest Petrol Pump/Distributor with dynamic Search

 Enroll in IndianOil XTRAREWARDS Loyalty program

 View  IndianOil XTRAREWARDS Loyalty point balance and transactions

 Manage Existing LPG Connection Account

 Change Distributor

 Get a New LPG Connection

 Request Mechanic Services

 Raise and Track your Service Requests

 Contact Customer Support

Complete Transport Solution for Citizen

Provides Transport Service access to citizens through a mobile-based application. This app empowers citizen with instant access to various information, services and utilities related to the Transport Sector. Aimed to bring convenience to citizen and transparency in the system.

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It is a genuine government app for all India RTO vehicle registration number search. It provides complete information about any vehicle which is registered in India like

 Owner Name

 Registration date

 Registering Authority

 Make Model

 Fuel Type

 Vehicle Age

 Vehicle class

 Insurance Validity

 Fitness Validity

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દરેક માટે ઉપયોગી આ વિડિયો જોવા માટે અહીં ક્લિક કરો

All this information will be displayed in details.

The main benefits of this app are –

1. Find details of any parked, accidental or theft vehicle by just entering the registration number.

2. Verify your car registration details.

3. Verify details of a second-hand vehicle.

4. If you want to buy a second-hand car you can verify the age and registration details.

Along with the above features, you can also verify DL details and create virtual DL and RC

in this

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When visiting a petrol pump, it’s essential to ensure your safety and the proper functioning of your vehicle. Here are some things to check at a petrol pump:

  1. Safety precautions: Be mindful of your safety and the safety of others. Follow any safety guidelines provided by the petrol pump staff, such as not smoking and turning off your engine while refueling.
  2. Fuel quality: Ensure that the petrol pump is a reputable one, and the fuel they offer is of good quality. Buying from a trusted and well-known petrol station can reduce the risk of fuel adulteration.
  3. Fuel type: Make sure you are using the correct type of fuel for your vehicle. Some vehicles run on petrol (gasoline), while others use diesel. Using the wrong type of fuel can damage your engine.
  4. Fuel grade: Different petrol stations offer different grades of fuel, usually labeled as Regular, Plus, or Premium. Check your vehicle’s manual to know the recommended fuel grade and use the appropriate one.

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  1. Nozzle condition: Inspect the nozzle for any visible damage or leaks. A damaged nozzle could lead to fuel spillage or inaccurate fueling.
  2. Meter calibration: Ensure that the fuel dispenser’s meter is set to zero before starting the refueling process. It helps you get an accurate reading of the fuel quantity you are purchasing.
  3. Fill up slowly: Fuel pumps have a vapor recovery system that works best when filling up slowly. Avoid topping up the tank too quickly to reduce fuel vapor emissions.
  4. Payment verification: Double-check the payment amount before making the transaction. Verify the quantity and the price per liter to ensure you are charged correctly.
  5. Check tire pressure: While at the petrol pump, it’s a good opportunity to check your vehicle’s tire pressure and adjust it if necessary.
  6. Inspect your vehicle: Take a quick look around your car to ensure there are no visible leaks or damages before leaving the petrol pump area.

Remember, it’s always a good idea to develop a habit of keeping your vehicle well-maintained, which includes regular servicing and staying aware of any unusual sounds or behavior. If you notice any issues with your vehicle’s performance after refueling, consult a mechanic for a thorough inspection.

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