Tejas Trailer : Air Force Day 2023

Tejas Trailer: In the “Tejas” trailer, which was released in honour of Air Force Day 2023 (also known as Indian Air Force Day 2023), Kangana Ranaut assumes the role of a fighter pilot.

Tejas M0vie

The highly anticipated film “Tejas,” starring Bollywood Queen Kangana Ranaut, is eagerly anticipated by fans. The fans’ initial elation has now subsided. On the occasion of Air Force Day, the Tejas trailer, starring Kangana Ranaut, was unveiled today.

As soon as the trailer was made available, it quickly gained popularity online. Earlier, on October 2, in honour of Gandhi Jayanti, the m0vie’s teaser was made public. The actress was evidently upset at this time.

Air Force Day 2023

On Air Force Day, the filmmakers of the m0vie Tejas released the trailer, which stars Kangana Ranaut as Tejas Gill, an intense, passionate, and powerful Air Force pilot. The heartbreaking line #BharatKoChhedogeToh ChhodengeNahi and high-altitude aerial shots that opened the teaser immediately caused a stir.

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The m0vie starring Kangana Ranaut is scheduled for release on October 27th, 2023. The trailer depicts the Indian Army’s effective counterterrorism campaign. The sky is being torn apart by the roar of Indian Air Force aircraft. Tejas, a m0vie starring Kangana Ranaut, is made by RSVP. On October 27, 2023, Sarvesh Mewada’s film, which also has Ronnie Screwvala as producer, will be released in theatres.

The first aerial action film in India is referred to as Tejas. IAF fighters open the trailer. where it is demonstrated that a spy from India has been discovered in Pakistan. Har Waqt phrases wouldn’t be the answer to the ball, Kangana is heard stating in the trailer. Dushman se ladna pada hai kabhi-kabhi jang ke maidan.

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The urgent duty of rescuing an Indian spy kidnapped in Pakistan was handed to Kangana’s character, as seen in the trailer. A lot is shown in the 2 minutes, 33 second trailer, which not only aids in understanding the plot of the m0vie but also demonstrates what else is to be seen.

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Tejas Trailer
Tejas Trailer

Kangana Ranaut’s voice can be heard saying, “If you leave India, we won’t leave you,” at the very beginning of the film. She then continues, “If there is an easy mission, don’t take Tejas Gill (Kangana Ranaut), but if there is a very difficult mission.” Only take Tejas if there is, and then everyone will be curious about who will do it. The cause for Kangana’s entrance and her name are then mentioned.

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