How to Delete Flipkart Account: 3 Best Methods Explained

Are You Weary of Flipkart? Do You Want Your Account Deleted? If so, you’ve arrived at the perfect place. Without a doubt, Flipkart is a well-known online retailer and one of the top ones in India. But, there are some reasons why you might decide to stop using Flipkart. Next, you search for a response to the query, “How Can I Delete My Flipkart Account?”

In response to your inquiry, we will demonstrate several methods for deleting a Flipkart account. Our main focus will be on permanently deleting a Flipkart account without using a password or logging in.

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What You Must Know Before Deleting Your Flipkart Account

Before You Decide to Delete Your Flipkart Account, Consider the Following:

If you delete your Flipkart account, you will be completely logged out. Prepare to disconnect from your account.

Your profile will no longer be publicly visible. Your profile will no longer be displayed publicly by the company.

Following deletion, all information on your profile will be marked as ‘unavailable.’ Before proceeding, ensure that you have saved any critical information.

You will no longer have access to the items on your wishlist if your account is deleted. As a result, consider checking and saving any desired items ahead of time.

Any ratings and reviews you have left on Flipkart will remain visible to others. Remember that your contributions will be archived on the platform.

After deleting your account, you should no longer receive promotional emails. You will no longer receive promotional communications from Flipkart.

Be aware that if you decide to reactivate your account, some of your personal data may be retained and restored. So, consider whether you are comfortable with this.

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How to Delete Flipkart Account – Permanently

You might occasionally want to permanently delete your Flipkart account. Rather than deleting or temporarily deactivating the account, it might be the best course of action.

how to delete flipkart account

Therefore, if you’ve made the decision to stop using your Flipkart account and would like to permanently delete it, just follow these easy steps:

●       Step 1: Login to Your Flipkart Account

Start By Logging Into Your Flipkart Account. You Must Provide Your Registered Credentials While Logging Into Your Account. Generally, These Include Your Email Address And Password.

●       Step 2: Navigate to “My Account” Section

Once you have logged in, go to the “My Account” section. Usually, it’s located in the side or top menu.

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●       Step 3: Access “Account Settings”

Go To “My Profile” From The “My Account” Section. Locate the “Account Settings” option now. Usually, this is found at the bottom of the page.

●       Step 4: Find “Deactivate Account”

You may find an additional option called “Deactivate Account” in the “Account Settings.” Select This Option To Continue.

●       Step 5: Initiate Deactivation

You will now be prompted to confirm the deactivation by entering your password. To guarantee account security, this step is essential.

Flipkart will send an OTP (one-time password) to your registered phone number or email address if you’re using a smartphone.

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●       Step 6: Confirm Deactivation

Click “Okay” to confirm after entering your password or providing the OTP. This will carry out the deactivation process further.

●       Step 7: Final Confirmation

After Selecting “Okay,” You’re Nearly Done! The successful deactivation of your Flipkart account should be indicated by a final confirmation message.

Congratulations! You Have Successfully Deleted Your Flipkart Account. Now, You Are Free From Your Flipkart Account. It Is Also A Good Decision To Delete Your Flipkart Order History  Before Deleting Your Account.

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How to Delete Flipkart Account (No Password)

You might want to remove your Flikart account in some circumstances even if you can’t remember your password. Thankfully, you can remove your Flipkart account without entering your password by following these easy steps:

Opening your Gmail account should be your first step. To continue, you will need to create a Gmail account if you don’t already have one.

Create a New Email After Logging Into Your Gmail Account. To do that, go to Gmail and click the “Compose” button.

Write “Request To Delete My Flipkart Account” in the subject line. For Flipkart To Determine The Goal Of Your Email, This Is Essential.

Indicate Your Desire To Have Your Flipkart Account Deleted Clearly In The Email Body. Provide pertinent information, such as your Flipkart account username, or any other details that will enable them to identify your account.

Send your email to as soon as it’s ready. This is Flipkart’s official email address for customer support.

Once the email has been sent, please wait. Flipkart normally responds to these requests in three to four business days. Watch Your Email for Any Updates Or Additional Directions.

You should receive confirmation that your account has been successfully deleted from Flipkart once it has processed your request.

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How to Delete Flipkart Account (No Login)

Flipkart allows you to delete your account even if you are not logged in. You Won’t Even Need A Gmail Account To Use This Method. All you have to do is give a call.

To delete your Flipkart account over the phone, follow the instructions below.

To Begin Using This Approach, Look Up The Flipkart Customer Service Number. Enter “Flipkart Customer Care Number” in your preferred browser to find it. Flipkart’s current customer service number is 1800-208-9898.

Press The Helpline Number You Discovered During Your Search. Once connected, either speak with a customer service representative or follow the automated prompts.

Please Request That Your Flipkart Account Be Deleted. Be Ready To Give Any Information They May Request To Confirm Your Identity.

Once you have made the request, please wait. Such requests are typically processed by Flipkart in 4–5 business days.

You can anticipate receiving an email confirming the deletion of your Flipkart account after the process is finished.

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Hopefully, this answers your query about “how to delete your Flipkart account.” We’d Like To Add That It Might Not Be the Best Idea To Delete Or Deactivate Your Flipkart Account To Wrap Up This Discussion. Give The Things We’ve Said Some Thought Before You Ultimately Decide To Delete Your Flipkart Account.

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