Google Pixel 8 સ્માર્ટફોન ₹75,999માં લોન્ચ

Google Pixel 8 સ્માર્ટફોન ₹75,999માં લોન્ચ:ભારતમાં પહેલી સ્માર્ટવોચ પણ લોન્ચ, શરૂઆતની કિંમત 39,900. ગૂગલે બુધવારે તેની એન્યુઅલ ઈવેન્ટમાં Pixel 8 અને Pixel 8 Pro ફોન લોન્ચ કર્યા હતા. તેમની શરૂઆતની કિંમત 75,999 રૂપિયા અને 1,06,999 રૂપિયા છે. તે જ સમયે, Google એ  39,900 ની શરૂઆતની કિંમતે Pixel Watch 2 પણ લોન્ચ કર્યો છે.

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Google Pixel 8 સ્માર્ટફોન ₹75,999માં લોન્ચ:ભારતમાં પહેલી સ્માર્ટવોચ પણ લોન્ચ, શરૂઆતની કિંમત ₹39,900

Google Pixel 8

On Wednesday, Google unveiled the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro smartphones at its annual event. They start at Rs. 75,999 and Rs. 1,06,999, respectively. Google also unveiled the Pixel Watch 2 at the same time, with a starting price of 39,900. The business’s first smartwatch in India is this one.

Up until 2030, Google will offer support for their phones. It will get operating system updates, security patches, feature additions, and advancements in AI. Google asserts that it is the first business to offer updates for so long. Flipkart offers Google products in India.

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There will be a 50MP camera in the Pixel phone.

The Pixel 8 has a 50MP + 12MP + 10.5MP rear camera. While the front camera on the Pixel 8 Pro is 10.5MP and the back camera is 50MP + 48MP + 48MP. Tensor G3 processors will be present in both phones. The phone’s appearance has also changed.

A single charge of the smartwatch will power it for 24 hours.

Personalised health, fitness, safety, and productivity features will be added to Google’s Pixel Watch 2. It contains features including fall detection, high and low heart rate alerts, daily readiness score, sleep tracking, and emergency SOS.

where Gmail, Calendar, the Google Assistant, and other Google apps will all be accessible. It now has longer battery life. It will always be in use and run for 24 hours on a single charge. Six months of Fitbit Premium membership are included for free with the Watch 2.

ગુજરાતી માં સંપૂર્ણ માહિતી વાંચો

Prior to the presentation, Google teased the iPhone 15 series.

Prior to the event, Google touted the freshly released iPhone 15 series. In its “Best Phone Forever” advertising campaign, Google mentioned Apple’s event. He mentioned that he was anxious about the Pixel gadget debut from Apple.

The iPhone Pixel expresses fear for the future in the commercial named “Scare Story.” Your major launch celebration is about to begin. All forms of attention will be shown to you.

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People will discuss your AI’s design and features. Who has the best camera will they compare as well? Which AI is the best?

Google has depicted the Pixel and the iPhone conversing in an ad campaign dubbed “Best Phone Forever.”

Apple remained silent.

Apple has not yet reacted to these Google advertisements. For the past three months, Google has made fun of Apple’s features and design. The business continued to make fun of the iPhone even after the Pixel Fold and Pixel 7a were released.

Every October, the “Made by Google” event takes place.

Google unveils the Pixel phones at its ‘Made by Google’ event every October. In the year 2016, Google unveiled the first Pixel smartphone. On October 4 at 7:30 p.m. IST, the Made by Google event for this year officially began in New York. The event was broadcast live on the ‘Made by Google’ YouTube channel.

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Far behind Samsung, Apple, and Google

Google has sold a total of 27.6 million phones since the debut of the first Pixel phone in 2016, according to statistics from the analysis company IDC from 2022. Samsung sold 272 million phones in 2021 alone. In this time, Apple sold 23.5 crore phones. Thus, Google continues to lag behind these businesses.

'બેસ્ટ ફોન ફોરએવર' નામના એડવર્ટાઈઝિંગ કેમ્પેઈનમાં ગૂગલે પિક્સેલ અને આઈફોનને વાત કરતા બતાવ્યા છે.

‘બેસ્ટ ફોન ફોરએવર’ નામના એડવર્ટાઈઝિંગ કેમ્પેઈનમાં ગૂગલે પિક્સેલ અને આઈફોનને વાત કરતા બતાવ્યા છે.

5 due to the Pixel’s lacklustre sales.

Limited availability: Not all nations offer Pixel phones. A difficulty is the service centre as well.

High price of the device: Pixel phones often cost more than comparable Android devices.

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Not investing as much money in marketing as other products due to a lack of promotion.
personality Crisis: Unlike the iPhone and Samsung smartphones, Google’s phones lack a distinctive personality.

Software-intensive strategy: Google’s phones use a stock version of Android.

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