First Semester Exam Timetable 2023 For Primary Schools

Primary School Exam Schedule: The schedule for all subjects in grades 3–8 for the second term examination in 2022–2023 is being discussed, along with the necessary guidelines for carrying it out. Timetable


With regard to the aforementioned subject matter, it is important to note that the schedule for the second term examination has been provided along with theStudents enrolled in all state-run primary schools—government, grant-aided, and autonomous—will be evaluated by this test. across the state.

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Please keep the following instructions in mind when conductingThis test will evaluate all subjects taught in the second semester for grades 1 through 8. during this test.

Second-Semester Examination Exam Time Table STD 6–8

Similar tests in Gujarati (the first language), mathematics, science, social science, and environment will have to be implemented. Granted, self-supporting primary schools will be able to test the remaining subjects vThe same exams will be administered in government elementary schools for every academic subject.All subjects

In schools where a shift system is implemented, examinations of all subjects of all standards will have to be conducted as per the given schedule.

Paper Poof, Language Correction will be the responsibility of the District Education Committee – District Primary Education Officer as well as Govt.

Students in STDs 6 and 8 will have to write answers on the Pupils in STDs 6 through 8 will need to use pens to write their answers in a separate answer book.The district

The necessary arrangement of maps in social science subject and graphs in mathematics subject has to be done by the district system/corporation along with test papers.

Detailed instructions regarding online data entry of examination results will be given separately throughout the entire Shiksha, Gandhinagar.

The syllabus for the second semester is included in this eTogether with the standard and subject, representative study findings are provided for this. and subject.

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પ્રિન્ટ કરીને વર્ગમાં લગાવી શકાય,, ધોરણ ૩ થી ૫ અને ધોરણ ૬ થી ૮ નો પ્રથમ સત્રાંત કસોટીનો કાર્યક્રમ 👇👇👇

પરીક્ષા લક્ષી મટીરીયલ ઉપયોગી તમામ માહિતી ડાયરેક્ટ ડાઉનલોડ

પ્રથમ સત્ર બ્લુ પ્રિન્ટ 1 થી 8 ધોરણ


ડાયરેકટ ડાઉનલોડ

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*💥પ્રથમ સત્રાંત પરીક્ષા માટે ઉપયોગી…નમૂનારૂપ પ્રશ્નપત્રો..*Timetable

*👉🏻ધોરણ 1 થી 5 માં 40 માર્કસ.* અને *ધો. 6 થી 8 માં 80 ગુણ* ના પ્રથમ સત્ર GCERT દ્વારા લેવાયેલ પ્રશ્નપત્રો

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*5️⃣ધોરણ 5 પેપર*  Click here

*6️⃣ધોરણ 6 પેપર*  Click here

*7️⃣ધોરણ 7 પેપર*  Click here


*8️⃣ધોરણ 8 પેપર*  Click here

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