Accident:ખેરાલુના પાસે ગમખ્વાર અકસ્માત

Accident: In the Gamkhwar accident in Kheraluna, a mini truck struck a bike, resulting in the immediate deaths of three family members.

An accident involving a bike and a compact truck near Kheralu has destroyed a family’s nest. In this accident, the son and parents have perished.

In Kheralu, there was an accident involving a compact truck and a bike that claimed three lives. disaster: Three family members perished instantly in the Gamkhwar disaster in Kheralu when a small truck collided with a bike.

Accident: In Kheralu, close to Dasat, a bike and a small vehicle were involved in a serious accident. where both the father and the son met a grisly end. There has been a stir following the deaths of three members of the same family. The father and son were sadly slain when they were struck by a little truck while riding their bike back from the temple. The family nest was destroyed when all three died at the same time. The village is likewise in grief.

On the other side, there is growing worry in the state regarding young people dying from heart attacks. There are, on average, two to three heart attacks per day, and as the frequency of heart attacks following Corona is rising, many questions are being asked. In Surat, a heart attack has claimed the life of another promising young man.

In the Surat neighbourhood of Ichchapore Kawas, a guy, 25, passed away from a heart attack. Rajkumar Shah sat down after feeling ill out of the blue and later passed out from a heart attack. Following his meal, Rajkumar Shahu proceeded to Hazira to fill coal for a company. While there, his health declined and he sat in front of the truck. He was hurried to the hospital after this occurrence. Despite the fact that this doctor proclaimed him dead, a primary investigation has determined that he died of a heart attack. For the postmortem, the body was brought to Civil. The family is once again experiencing grieving as a result of the youth’s passing.

ગુજરાતી માં ન્યૂઝ વાંચો

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