GSEB Duplicate Marksheet 2023

Standard-10/12 GSEB Duplicate Marksheet 2023? On the website, the Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board, Gandhinagar, is offering the ability to download duplicate marksheets for the SSC and HSC boards. SSC HSC GSEB Duplicate Marksheet Online

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Yadi was informed by the Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Board in a publication that obtaining a duplicate marksheet is now done online.

Additionally, you can process online at However, there is no such website as this one. indicating that someone else most likely purchased the domain name. so you are not required to utilize it. GSEB created the website that is linked below.

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GSEB Duplicate Marksheet 2023

Public examinations for Standard-10 and Standard-12 are administered by the Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board, located in Gandhinagar.

wherein the results from Standard 10 to the years 1952 to 2022 and Standard 12 to the years 1976 to 2022 are kept on file.

GSEB SSC (Std-10) – HSC (Std 12) Duplicate Marksheet

We’re going to inform you what to do today in the event that your class 10 or 12 marksheet becomes lost. How can I obtain a copy of my marks? Where can I locate a misplaced copy of my marksheet?

Ways to obtain it? What actions are necessary? This is where you will find all of this information. But keep in mind that we are solely discussing the GSEB SSC HSC duplicate mark sheet procedure with Gujarati students here.

For the benefit of Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board students, this procedure has been explained.

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10th GSEB SSC Duplicate Marksheet Process

How to obtain a duplicate SSC marksheet for class 10 secondary school

In the event that your class X marksheet is missing and you would like a replica, instruct it to go through all the procedures.

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  1. To begin with, Xerox copies of all of these marksheets and documentation should be kept with any documents you may have or may have lost. Copy everything. (Having an examination receipt or a document with your exam roll number written on it is required.)
  2. Proceed to the school where you received your class X board score. Proceed there and submit a request letter to your principal. wherein my standard 10 worksheet gets misplaced or misplaced for any other reason. I would like it back, please assist me.

You will receive an application form from the school administration; make sure to fill it out completely in order to obtain a duplicate marksheet. The Onlone Duplicate Marksheet Form is also available for download at this link.

GSEB Duplicate Marksheet Online SSC HSC
GSEB Duplicate Marksheet Online SSC HSC
  1. You must visit the Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board office in your state following the principal’s signature (accurate). Its address is supplied to you here. We currently have to travel to Gandhinagar in Gujarat, which was formerly in Vadodara. Examine the circular.

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  1. There is a ₹ 25/50 fee that you must pay after visiting the office. Give your application form as well.
  2. You receive a duplicate marksheet from this site after a while, but if you are unable to get it that day, you will also receive a date, which you must use that day to receive it again. There is a duplicate marksheet.

You will receive a duplicate class 10 marksheet, certificate, and migration certificate in this manner.

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How to get Class 12 Higher Secondary School HSC Duplicate Marksheet

Use the procedures outlined here to obtain a new duplicate certificate in the event that your class 12 certificate, marksheet, or migration certificate is misplaced, stolen, or both.

By the way, the procedure that was described for the tenth duplicate marksheet above is also used here. Not much has changed.

  1. Download the application form from the link above first. Try it out and make sure you enter all the information correctly.

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One more thing to keep in mind is that you can download and complete additional application forms. (We discovered; however, at this time, it is unknown if the form for 10 V and 12 V is the same or different).

  1. Download and print the necessary form from here. filled in later on, and you attended school. Ensure that your principal has signed it.
  2. Bring all of the Xerox copies to the Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board office, which is indicated above. Fee paid. Send in your application. A duplicate marksheet will be sent to you in a matter of hours.
GSEB Duplicate Marksheet Online SSC HSC
GSEB Duplicate Marksheet Online SSC HSC

What is Application Fees for Duplicate Marksheet?

  • Duplicate Marksheet fee Rs.50/-
  • Migration Certificate: Rs.100/-
  • Samkshata Pramanpatra : Rs.200/-
  • Speed post Charge: Rs. 50/-

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 how to get duplicate marksheet from GSEB

  1. First of all, go to the website.
  2. First of all, registration has to be done. Click on Register Now.
  3. A form will open, fill it.
  4. Check all the information and click on Register.
  5. An OTP will come to your mobile number. Enter it You will be registered
  6. Login later (Enter Email / Mobile and enter your password.)
  7. Click in CAPTCHA. And login.
  8. Later, for which exam you want the marksheet, select it. Click submit
  9. All information will be open, read it and move on.
  10. Such an option will appear. Click it
  11. An application sheet will open and fill it. Move forward.
  12. Similarly fill all the options.
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